Sports Injury Rehab

Participating in sports is good for you physically and mentally. However, ending up with injuries is not uncommon. They can be the result of physical contact with other athletes, an overuse injury, or just a sprain or strain, but they all have one thing in common: pain. Sports injury rehab can help you to recover. Dr. Deirdre Clark in Elkins, NC offers services that can provide relief for your pain. 

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment is the basic treatment in chiropractic care. Other therapies complement this care and contribute to muscle relaxation that helps the manipulation be more effective. When the vertebrae have become misaligned, it causes dysfunction all over and the result is your body not working to its optimal potential. Many different adjustment techniques are available, some vigorous and some gentle. You can be sure, one will be right for you. 

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound uses soundwaves that vibrate and heat the cells below the surface of the skin. It promotes healing, reduces swelling, and provides relief for pain. It increases blood flow to the soft tissues and to joints. 

Electric muscle stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation offers pain relief and relaxation to muscles that are stiff and tense. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, which are nature's own pain relievers. 

Moist heat

When muscles are stiff and sore, warmth along with moisture can relieve pain and help with relaxation. Other treatments work better after using this treatment. 

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercises are a way to continue your therapy at home. Your chiropractor will design a program specifically for you and the exercises will be targeted at exactly where you need them. It usually includes stretching as well as resistance training to help with range of motion and balance. This is very important with sports injury rehab. 


When there is tension in the back, this treatment offers stress relief while stretching the spine and taking any pressure off the discs and nerves. Rollers move up and down the back, massaging the muscles.

CBD Cream

This is a topical analgesic cream that provides quick and long-lasting relief for pain in the joints and soft tissues. This is a natural way to get pain relief and can safely be used for a variety of pain relief needs.  

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